Amsterdam Flowerschool

25th of September 2018

Are you a stylist, designer or creative who is looking to add floral design to your skill set? Are you interested in floral event styling but aren’t quite sure where to begin? Do you want to learn from one of the top florists in the Netherlands? Then I have the perfect course for you…
In my Event Design Masterclass at the Amsterdam Flower School, you will learn how to create floral designs that will blow your clients’ minds and add value to your current business lines. I will teach you how to translate client requests into floral design solutions. You will work on different (group) assignments and create table centerpieces and different flower installations/bouquets. You will be styling events on a pro level before you know it.

You will find more information about extra courses soon!

Foto’s: Paulien van Beusekom van Melting Pot Stories.

Amsterdam Flower School
Amsterdam Flower School
Amsterdam Flower School